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Calibre Aerial Photography was founded in 2014 and registered as a limited Company in April 2015 by Paul Langridge, a photographer  with 10 years experience in commercial and wedding photography. With advances in technology of the drone or UAV as its sometimes referred to, has meant that aerial photography is available to far more people and company’s, where once a helicopter or complexed rigging would have been required.

Our aim is to provide high quality aerial images and video to those wishing to market their services from a different perspective.

Calibre Aerial Photography and its aerial filming equipment has been assessed by The European Unmanned Systems Centre (EuroUSC™) – Europe’s leading independent Light UAS Accreditation Specialist for assessing ‘Airworthiness & Pilot Qualifications’. Our flying rigs are fitted with fail safe return-to-home frequencies if the pilot is incapacitated or radio signal is lost.

Calibre Aerial Photography pilots are fully qualified and licensed by the CAA.

So if you’re considering aerial images or video for your business, why not contact us today on 01444 483204 to book your free consultation or email us at info@calibreaerialphotography.co.uk

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